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This will teach and enable Couples to practice and engage exciting massage for their own personal use and pleasure. This is not an accredited training program that any-one can utilize for commercial purposes. Couples will be taught the skills and techniques to deliver a exciting massage on each other. Massage is an instinctive therapy that everyone has the ability to learn. I can offer the benefit of my experience with common problems such as erectile difficulties in men and difficulty reaching orgasm in women and relationship problem. I do personal training for physical fitness, stretching, Thai massage , yoga and sports nutrition. Exciting massage is an intimate and wonderful way for two people to communicate with each other through touch. When our bodies and skin is touched and caressed gently and lovingly, then our brains and bodies will relax and unwind.The exciting massage teaching for couples is conducted over 2 x 3 hour sessions and pleasure.

What will the sessions entail

Preparation for massage: oils, music, the room, ambiance, warmth, lighting, etc.- massage techniques and strokes for the different parts of the body . reflexology points in the foot and the role they play. the Chakra areas of the body and their energy centers . The art of the sensuality massage strokes and sexual stimulation , breathing techniques with massage strokes .

  • -The aim is to allow you to be relaxed and bring awareness to the enjoyment of your body.
  • -The essence of the service is a massage, an art of instilling relaxation and stimulating a range of natural and pleasurable feelings within the extent of your imagination.All my clients to date came as their first time, from all walks of life, and from different life situations.Let yourself go and give yourself a treat, even if it is to just experiment.

Discretion, privacy, and client confidentiality assured.

As a professional service, client confidentiality is guaranteed as it is understood that individuals or couples who avail themselves of this service do so at their own volition & with the understanding that their privacy & identity is not disclosed to any other party by this therapist.

I do not request photos from clients nor do I provide photos of myself. Essentially this is a privacy issue and the protection of each person’s public identity and privacy. The essence of the GTA couple Massage service is the massage and what you will physical and sensually experience. The pleasure you seek and will derive is in the art work of my hands and body movements. I do not chase or harass enquirers or clients to solicit business or follow-up appointments. Individuals must make contact and arrange an appointment at their own volition.

You can watch you partner or join with us , when your partner getting erotic and sensual massage . I have no problem at all. I very open minded.